Baby Part 2

pam 004

Because the client requested pink and purple tesserae in this name mosaic, I chose brown for the ceramic letters. My initial instinct was a single border, of metallic vitreous, in pink/purple hues. However, I think I will play with more border options. Absolutely, I want pink surrounding her name. Presently, I have my eye on some hues of purple stained glass and there are some lovely pink glitter glass tiles. We’ll see… Color, color, color!

Making Mosaics

Flora Part 2

The last piece of pink stained glass has just been placed. When making a name mosaic, generally it is best to have quite a bit of contrast between the name and background. In this case, a light pink is a great choice against the name in black and the border in purple. Now, we will wait 24 hours and then start the grouting process.

Pam 011

Making Mosaics

Flora’s Selfless Son

Pam 008

This is a perfect example of our wonderful middle school students:

He earned enough mosaic money to have his own mosaic, but he chose one as a gift. This student wanted something special for his mom. He requested her name in black ceramic letters, a purple border and pink for the background. I put in a second border around her name, for effect.

Again, you will note the grid. In designing mosaics, I often use one.