Making Mosaics

Dragon Part 5

Yes, the blue opus romano is the right choice.

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Baby Part 2

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Because the client requested pink and purple tesserae in this name mosaic, I chose brown for the ceramic letters. My initial instinct was a single border, of metallic vitreous, in pink/purple hues. However, I think I will play with more border options. Absolutely, I want pink surrounding her name. Presently, I have my eye on some hues of purple stained glass and there are some lovely pink glitter glass tiles. We’ll see… Color, color, color!

Making Mosaics

Dragon, Part 2

Quite often, I will have an idea and then change it several times. Originally, I had planned a larger version of this dragon, using some less expensive tesserae. As stated in a previous post, making a larger more intricate design is much easier than a smaller version. Working with glass is a difficult medium in that glass is not always cooperative… I have changed the design from a large rectangle to a smaller square. That meant a few design changes for the dragon.

One of the ways I try to save money is using leftover wood in the studio. However, in this case, that would not have been the wisest decision. The rectangular pieces of wood I had left were very large, and that would mean a lot of background to mosaic. The background is not the focus, so I don’t want to use excess tesserae. In addition, I would have been “wiped out” in 2 colors. So, the design was scaled down. Because the dragon is smaller, I will be able to switch to more expensive tesserae. This dragon calls for it!

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Making Mosaics

Flora’s Selfless Son

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This is a perfect example of our wonderful middle school students:

He earned enough mosaic money to have his own mosaic, but he chose one as a gift. This student wanted something special for his mom. He requested her name in black ceramic letters, a purple border and pink for the background. I put in a second border around her name, for effect.

Again, you will note the grid. In designing mosaics, I often use one.

Making Mosaics

Simple to Start

For this mosaic, I know the focus will be a tree variation. When working with a nonspecific element, I will often draw a simple sketch onto the base. Since it is not an exact representation, there is no need for me to work within a grid. Where the glue leads me, is where my journey will go. I love all the options!

Note – There is a single border comprised of brown and cream iridio; and the outline of the tree is is dark brown Van Gogh glass. As discussed in previous posts, iridio and Van Gogh add a lot to the design.

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