Making Mosaics

Calendar + Planning = Results with Less Stress

People often ask me, “How long will it take?” Here is a general rule of thumb:

minimal tesserae cuts – 1 week

quite a few tesserae cuts – 2 weeks

all tesserae are cut – 1 month +

I schedule my calendar this way because I have a full time job away from the house, as well as taking care of my family/home, etc… (remember, I also have a specific grouting routine with 24 hours in between each session-see previous post) As you take on more projects, you will want to find a method that is workable for you. Let’s just say that I have multiple calendars in various locations-alright, it’s an obsession… In my defense, almost all of my projects are finished early. Also, projects are in different stages of completion with new ones being added. Much less stress…

***Do not be fooled by the size of the base. A SMALL base with many intricate cuts will ALWAYS take longer than a larger base with minimal cuts. ALWAYS…


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