Making Mosaics, Organizing your craft space

2 of 3 Placement Completed

The second of the 3 dinosaur mosaics has just been completed. In 24 hours, it will be grouted. This is the “joint” mosaic. The background ended up being various shades of light blue stained glass with some darker striations. When a client has white featured in their fabric, etc…, I will sometimes substitute a very pale color to take its place. As stated in a previous post, I’m not a fan of white, but it does help feature the other colors. That being said, sometimes the white is too stark a contrast and a color is needed to “marry” the mosaic.                                                                          Pam 002

Late last night, I had high hopes of designing #3. When working on multiple projects for a client, is is much better to work on them together. We, however, had a glitch – one of my precious babies, I’m guessing Bandit, used base #3 as a teething apparatus. At least, this time, he chose a base with no tesserae. Another reason for me to be more diligent in organizing the studio space…


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