Making Mosaics

2 of 3 in Progress

Pam 003

As seen in a previous post, the outer border was already done. The inner border is comprised of a lime green ceramic tile and a blue opus romano.

The dinosaur on the left has an outline of blue iridio. Iridio tile is shiny, and catches the light. Again, I used a black gem for the eye and black stained glass for the mouth. You might notice that the gem is the same size even though the dinosaur is smaller. I am a big believer in whimsical, and the large eyes help bring whimsy to the mosaic.

The dinosaur on the right is made of turquoise Van Gogh glass. Van Gogh is pricey, but worth it! An application is applied to the back of the glass. This gives a 3D effect. Even a small amount of Van Gogh makes a big difference in a mosaic… Note-because of the application to the back of the glass, cutting Van Gogh can be tricky. Plan on “losing” some in the cutting process.

Presently, I am playing around with the innards, so to speak. I will save the background for last. For me, background is usually a “support” to the design.

$$$Money-Saving: When you can, invest in more expensive tesserae. Use it sparingly in making mosaics for donations and gifts. A little really can make a big difference!


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