Making Mosaics

1 Down and 2 to Go

Pam 001

As you can see in the picture, the first dinosaur design is completed. I ended up using darker blue and green opus romano for the outline of the dinosaur. The scales were completely done in opus romano. In perusing my collection of tesserae, I came across some wonderful muted stained glass with texture on one side and smooth on the other.  Both sides were included. The light frosted glass has hints of blues, greens, etc… That worked well for the inside of the dinosaur. In considering the background, 2 aquas were used – 1 lighter and 1 darker. Again, both the textured and smooth sides were used. For distinction, black gems became the eyes. Black stained glass formed the mouth. A double border allowed for the outer layer stressing blues and greens, while the interior included the same tesserae from the joint mosaic. (note – much fewer red) The outer layer was comprised of venetian and metallic vitreous glass. The interior was made from red and gray ceramic tile, as well as white venetian.

$$$ Money Saving – I will not grout this until I have a couple more mosaics.


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