Making Mosaics

1 of Each and 2 on One

Pam 002

As stated in a previous post, I will be making 3 mosaics using 2 dinosaurs. Each dinosaur will have its own mosaic, and then 1 mosaic will feature both dinosaurs. The mosaics are for a sweet baby that will be here very soon.

Because there are 3 mosaics for the same client, I will be working on all of them simultaneously. For me, the dream is to have a number of mosaics in various stages of development. It is pure happiness seeing them come to life at their own pace! Also, they will be sharing some of the same tesserae and shapes..

I will enlarge the dinosaurs to various sizes. Then, I will begin testing them out on the wood. Since I am not locked into a specific size, my options are virtually unlimited…

At this stage, I am considering the background for the dinosaurs. Also, there will be a lot of gray in the mosaics because of the grout. This plays into my decision-making about what color to use for the dinosaurs. (not gray) Since the dinosaurs are different shapes, it will be fine to use the same color(s). The bold red will be used as an accent, as will the white and gray. I adore that soft green with a hint of lime and the turquoise! I intend to use those quite a bit. The aqua probably will be in the background, but I will need to be careful about its placement relative to the turquoise.


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