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The Wheels on the Nippers Go Round and Round

Pam 002

In previous posts, I mentioned my adoration for wheeled nippers. It’s just that they are quite versatile and easy to use. I buy them at a local craft shop, using the 40% off coupon. Wheeled nippers will make curved cuts, as well as straight cuts. They work on a variety of tesserae. I honed my cutting skills on stained glass, since that was the cheapest tesserae to practice on. Later, I moved on to venetian, opus romano, etc…

Hold the tesserae in your nondominant hand and cut with your dominant hand. When first cutting a sheet of glass, cut the glass into a few pieces – just enough to fit into their container. Then, cut them into smaller pieces when your mosaic requires small pieces. Resist the temptation to cut the whole sheet into tiny pieces. You may need a larger piece later, and then you will need to buy more.

A word of caution: For 10 years, I cut glass for 1 hour each day. My thinking was that my studio would be “stocked” with options. It was, but my hand was damaged as well. I now see a wonderful specialist, Dr. England, who saved and continues to save the use of my hand. I am on a “cutting restrictions” plan. Hmmmmm…

Oh, and those pretty wheels, they are pretty efficient at cutting fingers… BE CAREFUL!


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