Making Mosaics, Organizing your craft space

Smashing Stress

Having a bad day? Need to release some steam? Well, mosaics can help you with that as well. Grab some safety goggles and let’s get smashing.

Outside – You will need an area NOT accessed by children or pets. A cement or other hard base is best – not the driveway… Walls are not a requirement, but are very helpful. Clever people have constructed a wooden/metal container…  Although you can throw stained glass, it shatters EVERYWHERE. Your best bet is to use ceramic tiles. Throw, throw, throw. Pick-up, pick-up, pick-up. Careful, remember to LOOK BEFORE YOU TOUCH!!! Have a container available.

Inside – You will need a towel, hammer and your ceramic tile. You will not be using your towel for anything else, and it will not be washed. Be aware that stained glass is NOT ideal. Shards, beautiful but deadly… Cover your tile with a towel, make sure you have your goggles on and hammer away. When you open the towel, be careful to LOOK BEFORE YOU TOUCH!!! I actually composed a series of mosaics in this way. The way the tile breaks results in very unusual shapes. The method I prefer is: cover, hammer, look, repeat. No hammer, use something heavy.

Smash that stress away!


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