Making Mosaics, Organizing your craft space

Do I Have Enough?

Tesserae are beautiful, amazing and very expensive. When you set upon your design, it is imperative that you make sure to have enough. Planning your design and organizing your space are key elements! Embarrassing as it is, I have resorted to buying more materials because my studio was disorganized.

Since tesserae come in different shapes and sizes, I used to literally pour them onto the design to ensure I would have enough. If not, then I would revamp the color scheme. For me, this was always a labor of love. Color = happiness!

That being said, I have been caught short. When this happens, there are important questions to consider:

Is there a specified completion date?

Do I have time to buy, order, etc…?

Can I substitute another tesserae?

You will solve your problem, but it’s better to know upfront – do I have enough?


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