Making Mosaics, Organizing your craft space

Making Trades & Getting Started

Pam 003

Here is a perfect example of a trade. A wonderful person has taken, and will take, some of my bus duties. In exchange, I will be making mosaics for her new grandbaby.

Sandy gave me the dinosaur characters and the fabric swatches. I need to have the mosaics completed by the end of May. So, begins the process.

I have decided to make 3 mosaics, incorporating the 2 dinosaur characters. Each dinosaur will have its own mosaic, as well as a third mosaic of both dinosaurs. Too fun!!!

In looking at the swatches, I notice the following colors: a bold red, 2 shades of blue (one more turquoise and one more aqua), a light shade of gray, white and an interesting shade of green with a hint of lime. From a previous post, you know I am not a fan of using lots of white. For me, the white will “expose” the other colors. For shapes, I see: straight angles, circles and straight lines. Since the fabric is cut, I am unsure if it involves squares or rectangles. However, that gives me more options. Yay!

Treasure hunting in the studio, I come across the following tesserae possibilities. (if interested in organization, see a previous post)  It does not mean I will use just these or all of these. Simply, this is what I’ve found. 2 things I will need to keep in mind: keep the reds and greens separated by at least one color; the mosaic will already have lots of gray with the grout, so gray tesserae must be kept to a minimum.

So, we begin…


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