Making Mosaics

Getting More Shards for Your $

shinier and rippled

shinier and rippled

Always looking for ways to save, I discovered that you could buy 1 sheet of stained glass that had color on one side and a shinier variation on the other. Or, the stained glass would have a flat surface on one side and a rippled effect on the other. Fabulous!!! 2-for-1, with 40-50% off, is an intoxicating deal I tell you.

As a mosaic artist, you want as many options as possible. Also, the shinier and rippled sides of stained glass really play with light. Color and color variations can make or break your creation! Options, always options…

When I buy a sheet of glass, it will immediately be cut into smaller pieces and stored in the plastic drawers from the discount store. (see earlier post) You miss out on the java high because of less visual, but the storage is great. REMEMBER: always look before you touch!!!


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