Making Mosaics

Let’s Be Direct…Method

The “Direct Method” is the name of the way I put my mosaic together. There are many other ways, but this is my preference. I like to put each piece of tesserae, face up, onto the base and watch my mosaic come to life. For me, it’s all about observing my creation.

You will notice in this picture that I ended up using a large “lawn” trash bag. I ran out of brown craft paper and was eager to start. Cutting the bag, along the seams, covered the table nicely.

DSCN2197 DSCN2198 DSCN2199 DSCN2200 DSCN2201 DSCN2202 DSCN2203 DSCN2205 DSCN2206 DSCN2207


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