Making Mosaics

Colors, Sensational!

Pam 001Pam 004

I love, love, love color! It’s mesmerizing!

As a child, I spent many hours “ordering” my crayons and markers by color. In my mind, there was a specific order-not unlike my studio.

The way I have organized the tesserae in my studio is by color. Through the years, I have tried other methods such as type of tesserae. However, I always go back to the color scheme in my head. To me, it makes sense and is easy to locate.

As a mosaic artist, it is to your benefit to have multiple types of tesserae, as well as many different colors. This is EXPENSIVE. As stated in a previous post, I had very little money to work with when I started. It was much cheaper for me to buy sheets of stained glass and cut them myself. When I could afford venetian tiles, etc…, it was 1 small bag at a time. (40% off)

I am very fortunate now to be able to buy not only what I need, but also what I want. That being said, I DON’T buy tesserae unless it is on sale, companies send me a promo code, etc… After so many years, there are price points in my head for each type of tesserae/color, etc… When businesses “close out” specific kinds/price point goes below, I will buy everything or the maximum allowed. If it’s a local business, I will use the “family swoop” method. (had to learn to do this because a certain craft store had rules about multiple visits in one day)



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