Making Mosaics

A Very Precious Baby

Pam 014Pam 002

This was a baby gift. In the left picture, I designed a mosaic to go with the fabric. When doing so, I paid foremost attention to the color choices. There is a single border of charcoal gray ceramic tiles. I wanted to make sure to include salmon, turquoise and a rich brown. In my mind, cream was a natural choice, but did not go with this fabric. White needed to be in the background. I’m not a big fan of using a lot of white, but I knew the grout would tone it down.

Because this is a very special  present, I wanted to incorporate some of my favorite tesserae. It just so happened that they are also pricier. 18 years ago I paid for some smalti that came from Italy. Smalti is irregular in height, which adds dimension to your mosaic. (smalti is normally cut with special tools, but I just used my favorite=wheeled nippers) The salmon you see is mostly smalti. One of the other quilt blocks included circles, so I added one as well.

The rest of the tesserae you see is comprised of opus romano and glass tiles. Because I am a color addict, 99% of the time, color will trump types of tesserae!

In a previous post, we discussed taking a photo during the design phase. The undone section on the left screams for a “pop” of color. So, I used gray Van Gogh glass. (Van Gogh glass is $, but worth it-it gives your mosaic a 3-D effect)

This was truly a labor of love!


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