Making Mosaics

Decisions, Decisions

Pam 002

Yes, there are many decisions to make. Remember, you are in the midst of a journey. Choose to nourish your soul as you proceed. For me, it’s the “What if…” that make the process exciting!

In a previous blog, we discussed tracing your base prior to the glue wash. The tracing allows you to experiment with your tesserae while waiting for your glue wash to dry. Unless you are “rolling” in the tesserae, I highly recommend you experiment before gluing. What pleases you? Are you going to use all square tiles?(venetian) Or, are you going to include some glass or ceramic shape tesserae? What about Aunt Nelda’s broken tea cup? Will you use multiple types of tesserae or one group, such as all marble? Do you want a color scheme or does anything go? Experiment! This mosaic is for you!

Do you want a single border, a double border or a floating background? The above photo shows the difference.  If your base is small, generally you will NOT choose a double border. Often, a single border is a “just right” fit. (If a client does not have a preference, I will usually go with the single. It frames the design.) A floating background is simply NO border.

Place your tesserae on the base and try the border options. Which is most pleasing to you? Take your time! Then, take a photo of your design. Look at the photo? Sometimes, you will see something in the photo that escaped you. If so, repeat the process and see which way you prefer.


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