Making Mosaics

Mistake or Opportunity? Be Gentle with Your Self-talk

A mistake is simply an opportunity to be unique and wonderful! I have spoken those words, often. I have no doubt the ears heard it, but the hearts did not. Hearts need to be tended to-they are gardens to one’s soul. Be gentle with your self-talk.

I was an art “mistake” from the beginning of time, according to my teachers. (The penguins, the Sisters, the nuns)

Kindergarten wasn’t an opportunity for me – couldn’t pass the social part… They actually expected me to share! That concept was foreign to me. My Nana was the only reliable adult in my life; and she never made me share anything. Then, those school people wanted to take me away from her and make me share. Ridiculous! A 5 year old can size up a situation in about ten seconds… After the first school interview, I learned to just announce that I would not be sharing. Nana kept me home for the whole school year. Fabulous!

First Grade was my foray into all my “mistakes” in art. It’s been over 50 years and I still remember the assignment: “Show How Seasons Change”. Well, I drew a rudimentary scene and used liquid glue to make dots. The wet white dots represented snow. When they dried, they were the rain. (Can I just say that was fairly clever? First, we lived on an island in a tropical climate. We had two seasons: sun and rain. My concept was not bad. I might just be harboring a few issues…)The Sisters let me know that I had made way too many mistakes, and wasted too much glue: sent me to the head penguin’s office, showed me the paddle, blah, blah, blah – all those mistakes…

Things did not improve, in the art world, as I moved from grade to grade. By junior high, I had moved on to sawing all the huge erasers into a more usable size, inappropriate tapa designing, decorating furniture in the art room, sneaking into the nun’s quarters and painting the toilets psychedelic colors. You get the idea.

By high school, I had given up on myself – all those mistakes… How can you grow what has not been sowed?

So I say, be gentle with your self-talk – mistake or opportunity? Your mosaic is your opportunity!


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