Making Mosaics, Organizing your craft space

Yes, You Need a Few More Items…

Pam 001

Remember, it all started on the dining table… A few mosaic items were thrown into an old box.  Now, I have 2 larger tables and several small ones. The designing and placement of the tesserae is done at the large table where I can sit. The large taller table is where I stand to grout. Smaller tables are holders of things…

Take a roll of brown craft paper. Roll out enough to cover your table. Allow the rest to fall to the floor. (opposite side from where you will work) Trace your base onto the craft paper or another piece of paper.

Grab your base, a foam brush and 1 of those “empty” glue bottles we talked about in the 3 M’s post. Someone else’s empty glue bottle is liquid treasure to us! You are going to make a “glue wash” for your mosaics. Glue wash is just an extra adhesive measure to ensure your tesserae stick. Take the lid off the bottle and add water. I never measure. You just need to make sure that when you shake the bottle, no glue sticks to the bottom. (oh, make sure the lid is back on… yes, I have done it the wrong way-more than once…) Squeeze the glue wash onto the base. You will need enough to cover the top of your wood. Use the foam brush to “paint” the glue wash. $$$ – save money by skipping the brush and using your fingers, but watch out for splinters!  Set your base aside to dry. Close the lid and write “glue wash” on your bottle. If you do not have an extra bottle, you can make your glue wash in a cup or bowl. ***Remember those plastic cups we talked about? Well, I don’t recommend using the same color for your drinking cups… Uh huh, bad idea…


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