Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Journals, magazines

Journals, magazines

Well, sometimes your clients will tell you exactly what they want. Strike a deal and get busy. Other clients may have a color scheme in mind. These mosaics are my favorite! I enjoy the design element, but I want the client to be able to use what I make. Talk about a high – seeing the joy and surprise on a client’s face is intoxicating!

When I first started, I strictly made what someone wanted. Money was so limited, venturing out was an impossibility. When the shows started, a conundrum ensued. How would I know what to make.? What would people buy? So began my journals…

I’m drawn to color, shape and texture. Several journals haunt my studio. They are filled with clippings of things that catch my eye. Ask for donations of magazines, etc…To save money, I fold the clippings and glue only a small portion. That way, several clippings  fit on one page…


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