Making Mosaics, Organizing your craft space

How Can You Stand This Mess?

Pam 006Pam 007Pam 008Pam 009Pam 010Pam 012

Well, it’s a working mosaic studio. At any given time, there are multiple projects in various stages. My thinking is that my mind appreciates order, but the reality is far different. The only time my studio is not messy is when: a large order of tesserae/special bases are delivered or I am in need of a “break” from the biz. On the flip side, there are sections of my studio that are in perfect order, albeit they would be in the minority… So when someone inquires about my mess, my response usually involves organizing in the “off” season. Those who ask haven’t joined the journey…

The pictures you see are sections of my studio. I also dabble in making other creations. And, everyone needs to be an avid collector! I collect scarves. Dahling, one can never have too many scarves. Hence, they pull double-duty: clothing and wall art.  In addition to the journey, I have decided to revamp my space. So, there is a mish-mash of things. I’m going to unmish-mash them in the “off” season… Well, that’s my story.


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