Organizing your craft space

When Are You Going to Move Off of the Dining Table?!

Well, that about says it all. When I first started mosaics, there was no studio. Not understanding the magnitude of the medium, I simply thought the unused dining table would suffice. Uh, no!

The previous blog simply gives a hint as to why you need an organized space. As you delve into the world of mosaics, you will need a designated area. Tesserae alone seems to multiply exponentially. I have housed materials in one place and worked in another. I DON’T recommend this. Find a spot to call your own.

Some aspects of mosaics are dangerous to you and your loved ones. Do you have children and/or pets? Are you going to work with objects as they are, or are you going to cut your tesserae? Cutting means shards of tesserae will surround you. They will live in your feet and hands… Carpet and high-traffic areas are NOT ideal. You will be grouting most if not all of your mosaics. Grout powder and residue should NEVER be near children, food, etc… Also, you DON’T want any grout near any plumbing. We have the plumbers on speed dial…

If you live in a year-round warm climate, you may be able to use some outside space. For the rest of us, we will need to take a tour of our living quarters. Ideally, we would all love a studio to call our own. 10+ years went by before I had a studio. Let’s be clear, my “studio” used to be our son’s bedroom, and is now home to the “gym” for us and the “lookout tower” for our babies. Even though I never went to Kindergarten, I learned to share…

Once you find your spot, you will want to do some research and take some notes. Google craft spaces, visit your local library and book stores, read/read/read. Use your notes to fill-in these 3 columns:

What I Need for My Studio                    What I Want for My Studio                         What I Already Have for My Studio

Be realistic about your space and your budget. When I first started making mosaics, we were heavily in debt and had just committed to “debt-free” before retiring. I had only my tiny allowance, but that turned out to be a blessing. It forced me to ask/trade/reuse/get creative. I’m living proof that a tiny allowance can still achieve a big dream.

Now, take a look at your columns. If money is no object, you are truly fortunate. If you are like me, then get creative. You can live your dream!


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